Beasts of the night.

22nd September 2012:. There are nine or ten cattle in Voglestrom Finkelstein’s wood: cows and calves. Their eyes shine like amesyths. No, I really mean it! They peer from behind the trees as beasts of the night. I wonder if they have somehow upset Volgle, and if he has turned them into vampire cows as protection against Grinygrowlers. I shudder to think how unsettling it will be seeing their glowing eyes moving towards me as I wander the marsh on dark winter nights.

I haven’t seen Vogle since winter; he, being mainly a creature of the night, is not at all sociable unless it suits him I was more than a little concerned when removing the iron fencing from around his garden, on a Wilden Marsh workday earlier this month. I couldn’t help wondered if this will upset him. I found comfort in the thought that he might not live on the marsh during the summer months.

The shadows of darkness crept slowly and gently over the marsh as I made my way home during the evenings of last week. The nights are definitely drawing in. I find myself wondering how Vogle feels about the large number of trees removed from the marsh earlier this year.

I’ve been aware of Vogle’s presence on only a few occasions during my marsh wanderings. There are two things that alert me to his presence on damp winter nights: a stick bouncing off the back of my head, or his dreadful odour if he is close by. I count myself lucky when it’s just a stick and not a handful of badger poo hitting the back of my head. Yes, I am apprehensive about Vogle’s return to the marsh.

Now I know there are people out there in cyber world who will wonder what type of powdered toadstool I’ve been snorting this week; well, I can tell you – none! Think about this, though: It’s me wandering the marsh at the dead of night; me who knows where the animals hide themselves, and me who knows what the animals do when they think no one is watching. Whilst most of you sit in your comfy chairs, in your warm homes, watching your favourite televisions programs, I am out braving the elements. Who really knows what animals or other things creep about the marsh on cold dark nights? I think the answer is inescapable – me! Am I freaking you out? Ha ha! Sorry! just having a bit of fun before I go to my bed.  If you are reading this in bed, sleep tight and mind the bugs don’t bite. After all, you can’t argue with the images, can you?  🙂

Just in case someone thinks I have messed with the cows’ eyes – painted them, perhaps. Well, I promise you, I haven’t! 🙂

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  1. Ahhhhhh….I love cows, they are the best subjects – very photogenic (especially the rusty colored ones – the color really stands out) 🙂

    • The cattle have been good company on dark winter marshing nights, but these glowing eyes will take some getting used to. 😉

  2. I don’t suppose these are the cows who come to take their milk back are they? They look a bit shifty to me! And that reflection is of the lens behind their eye where they are taking photos of the person who is taking their photo……be careful…….be very, very, careful! If I were you I would swap to Soya immediately.

  3. Are Psilocybe semilanceata growing freely on the marsh at the moment by any chance Mike? I reckon both you and the cows have been having a nibble, judging by those eyes… 😉 🙂

  4. Mock if you like, Lucy. If you knew as much as I do about the weird things that happen on Wilden Marsh during the nighttime, you wouldn’t be so ready to scoff. It’s like I have said: Seeing a few sets of glowing orbs floating along a dark marsh track can be unsettling. 😉

  5. This story and images gets one in the mood for the ghoul night celebrations coming up. Got to say the eyes of those cows are spooky, and wild imaginings stir in my head looking at them.

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