More bee images! The same bees, I’m afraid.

19th September 2012: I am not happy with the images in my previous two bee nest related posts. It has not been easy to achieve decent results with my 150 – 500 mm Sigma lens. I might be more successful if I photographed the nest in low early morning sunshine. Anyway, I decided to have a go with my 60 mm macro lens this evening, which necessitated my getting closer to the seething mass of honey bees than I really wanted to with my camera’s on-board flash.

Here are the results of my efforts, and I am not sure I am happy with these images either. The problem is that the nest is on the east side of a hawthorn bush. I should try shooting the nest between 9 am and 10 am I reckon.

It might be my imagination, but I am feeling there are fewer bees on the combs today; it might be that more of them are away foraging.




10 Comments on “More bee images! The same bees, I’m afraid.

  1. Those are very nice shots, although I must confess to being more than a little creeped out large numbers of flying insects (with stings) crawling over each other.

    How do find the 150-500 sigma? I am looking to getting a big zoom and that one is a possibilty.

    • Thank you. If bees creep you out, it is better not to go near them. 😉

      The Sigma lens is OK. I don’t really have any problems with it. I have owned the lens for a few years, and I use it most days.

  2. Those pics turned out really nice! I bet those bees were noisy!! You are very brave photographing them!!

  3. These are great images. The bees must have glued that hive in well for the mass of bees, honey and comb must be heavy.

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