23 thoughts on “Busy Bees.

    • We are getting advice on the best line of action to adopt. I hope they remain where they are, protected by a fence or a brash pile, perhaps. If they stay, we will do what we can to protect the bees.

      I think the queen will be at the centre of the nest. The bees on the outside, building the nest, are male worker bees, and they will die when their job is done. Next spring, new bees will emerge from the nest to pollinate the marsh plants; if they are free of the varroa virus. Anyway, we are doing what we can, and I will post any developments. 🙂


  1. Just amazing images… I know people who relocate these hives, for protection, if they’re in danger of being destroyed by humans / development. It’s wonderful. They know what parts of the honeycomb are non-threatening, and to see the bees buzzing all around them, WOW.


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