13th September 2012:  This is for Patricia:  http://patriciaddrury.com/#!/cover


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    • I have no plan to write a book about Wilden Marsh fauna and flora, Alex. You never know, though, when I am old and frail, and confined to my recliner . . . . You just never know!

  1. OMG… you know me so well Mike! I love the other two of course, but this is my favorite. Thank you so much. I will reblog of course. Happy Thursday my friend..

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    My friend Mike picked this honeysuckle blossom for me, and he didn’t even know the aroma of the honeysuckle makes my heart sing! Perfect image of an imperfect living delicacy… a gift of grace to Mother Nature.

  3. Lovely image. The dark background shows off the colours really well.

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