Bloomery In The Dark 1.

11th September 2012:  Himalayan balsam bloom.


12 Comments on “Bloomery In The Dark 1.

  1. What an interesting shot in the dark – it DOES look very exotic indeed.

  2. What are you using to shoot these photos? Obviously a flash, but what are the specs and settings you’re using with your camera — if you don’t mind sharing.

  3. I used a Canon 500D for the nighttime images, a Canon 60 mm EFS macro lens, and the on-board flash unit.


  4. thanks for the info, Mike. You don’t get a reflection with your flash, especially off the berries. I tried the on-board flash on a beetle close-up and it bounced back to the lens badly. Need more equipment — hah!

    • I didn’t get a reflection on the berries because I used the correct camera settings, Sue. It might be a mistake to believe that purchasing more equipment will make you a better photographer, or that it will cure flash bounce.;)

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