The Lonely Cormorant.

8th September 2012: This lone cormorant has sat in the same position on a overhead power-line over the River Stour since it arrived on the marsh five weeks ago. I think it is patiently awaiting the arrival of its cormorant mates. There are usually around six cormorant overwintering on the marsh.

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  1. Hi Mike, I saw three cormorants together on the cables about 2-3 weeks ago when I was surveying – 2 adults and a juvenile. But every other time there’s just been one! Dom

    • I thought it might be a different, cormorant, Dom; the feathers are darker on the one I photographed yesterday.

  2. we´ve had one in a tree for a month, it flaps its wings, gets in the water but never seems to leave the area. wonderful picture, wonderful birds! and thank you once more…

  3. i was taking a video of two swans on the river when suddenly one of them was attacked by something. if i hadn´t had the video i would have never known what it was. a cormorant. have you ever seen anything like that in your wanderings? just wondered. after the initial attack, when swimming away, it made one more lunge. as long as i´m writing a longer post, i must thank you for always telling me the names of things! i appreciate your knowledge…

  4. Was it an attack, or was the cormorant just diving for a fish. I haven’t seen a cormorant attacking swans. Cormorants are very laid back and very effective at catching fish.

  5. it is really hard to tell. i thought it must be fishing at first, but there was that second lunge. and when it approaches it seems to be coming in on top of the water, making a bee line right for the swan. very interesting… sorry it took me so long to reply…

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