25 thoughts on “This might be my last insect macro for this year.

    • It’s time for me to concentrate on the larger marsh animals, Lucy. The tall grass has hidden them from me. Most of all, I am not seeing many insects at the moment, so it’s time to move on.


  1. It’s certainly been a great series of insect macros that you’ve shared, but I guess it will soon be my turn as Spring approaches on my side of the world. I have to do more searching this summer. I didn’t see hardly any insects last year except for bees. And when I did see an insect, I didn’t have my macro lens with me.


  2. Mike,
    It’s very nice! Why make it the last? Changing lenses for the season? 😉 I especially love the highlights on the wings.


    • Thank you, Kyle. Because the interesting insects are now few and far between. The marsh vegetation is starting the drawback, and the marsh cattle will be eating it; so new photographic opportunities will present themselves.


  3. Its good to hear, even though I like your insect photography a lot. However foxes, badgers, munjacs, minks and otters….well Im sure they will be very interesting to follow too!


  4. i went out early this morning, my usual hour, and noticed how much the light had changed. the sun is not quite as far-reaching as it was just a week ago…what an exciting time of year. i love ALL your bewinged creatures and know you will keep searching them out. and i´ll be enjoying them whether i make it to comments or not…


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