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31st August 2012: I mentioned in a previous post that through my eyes, I see a vista and through my camera view finder, I see an image. Whilst scanning the land between the River Severn and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, through my 500 mm Sigma lens, I saw an image better than a thousand words. Apologies for the poor quality of the image, but I was hiding among hemlock stalks.

31st August 2012:There were butterflies all over the north pasture today. It’s my Birthday today. 🙂

30th August 2012:

It’s will not be easy photographing the marsh foxes, badgers or muntjac deer at the moment. Why? I can’t see them in the tall grasses, that’s why! I’ll not be put off, though! As the grasses die back and the leaves fall from the trees and bushes, the animals will become visible again. This is fine and in the natural scheme of things, but I would like to record what these animal’s do… Read More

22nd August 2012: Badgers dig latrines that are around 75 mm deep by 100 – 150 mm square. Some are larger, and others are smaller. It depends on the size of the badger I suppose. Yesterday afternoon I continued my search for signs of Old One-eye by inspecting the animal runs across the lagoon field, around the withy wood and along the boundary fence that borders the east side of the swamp…. Read More

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