14 thoughts on “Brown Hawker.

  1. Its wings are like a tiny pair of leaded-glass windows, and the rest is carved or sculpted in such beautiful shades of chartreuse and burnt sienna; I guess the art is so apparent in your images.
    ~ Lily


    • Whether or not my dragon fly image is better than yours is a matter of opinion and really not that important. Photography is all about making images that gladden the soul. Your dragonfly images, which are different from mine, are lovely and make us both of us feel good.:)


  2. Wow! Stunning macro of the dragonfly.
    (I don’t need a better lens like Inga, I need better eyesight & practise at using the macro lens I’ve got).


    • Thanks, Vicki. The more practice we get with our cameras and lenses, the more critical we get of our own efforts. I am rarely happy with my images. I can see that some are better than others, but my lack of skill becomes more apparent each time I review my images. I don’t let this drag me down, though; photography should be a happy hobby. 🙂 .


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