21st July 2012:

7 Comments on “Ladybird.

    • Hi Stephen. I looked it up in my Insects For Dummies Book, and Yes, it does say the insect is a ladybird. The book also say the black spotted red wing covers are its main identification feature. I will know next time I see a ladybird. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. 😉

      • Ladybirds come in different guises, with varying numbers of black spots. I’ve also seen the with black wings and red spots – also yellow and black spots – I’m not sure if they’re just races or actually different species. The larvae of these creatures are pretty way out.

      • That’s correct, Stephen. There are images of the ladybirds you mention in this blog. 🙂

  1. Mike,
    Beautiful! Love the color and the detail of its shiny carapace 🙂

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