Fly Eyes.

21st July 2012: These hand-held images stretch my capabilities and those of my EFS 60 mm f2.8 lens to the limit. They look passable on my lap-top, but they might look awful on a larger screen.

10 Comments on “Fly Eyes.

  1. Wow. How do you get so close without them flying away? I can’t sneak up on flies. They see me miles away and take off.

    • I put the camera to my eye a couple of feet from the insect, Dezra, and slowly move in closer. 🙂

      • Are you saying they are like foxes and rabbits, if they see your eyes they will bolt, but if they don’t they’re cautious as you move in? That’s not my experience, but I don’t cautiously move in on flies, so I really wouldn’t know.

      • What I am saying, Dezra, is that I get close to the flies by putting my camera to my eye a few feet away; I then move slowly forward to steal the image. Flies don’t see things is we do. I suspect they see colours and movement, so it is unlikely they scan for eyes.

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