Mining Bee.

14th July 2012:

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    • I don’t think it’s a yellow Jacket, Cyndi. This little chap has an anvil shaped head and it doesn’t look like a wasp. I think I remember photographing this very small bee-like insect. Someone will name it and it is likely to be a very common insect. It’s not ringing any bells in my head at the moment, though. Maybe it’s the angle that’s confusing me.

  1. Sorry, Mike, can’t help from here. Is there an entomology extension service at the local university?

  2. Hello Mike, it’s tricky to tell from that angle, the abdomen would be diagnostic. I thought Sawfly at first but the antenna look more wasp or bee-like. So it could be a Digger or Potter Wasp or a Solitary or Mining Bee. Do you have any other shots?

    • Thanks for the comment, Mark. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other shots – it flew away. 🙁

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