Hiding rabbit thinks I can’t see it.

14th July 2012: I wore glasses with Realtree camouflaged lens to hide my eyes, and held my camera high to cover my mouth and break up the shape of my head. This little rabbit wasn’t sure if it should run or hide. It decided to hide until it could identify me as a threat. After taking the image, I slowly lowered the glasses to let the rabbit see my eyes,  the bunny immediately bolted.

Camouflaged glasses work well when photographing foxes, who also scan for eyes when trying to identify a possible predator, and allow eye movement without alarming the animal.

I find that animals rarely react to slow movements, as long as they can’t see a pair of eyes. I’ve tried sunglasses and whilst these hide the eyes, they are not as effective as my camouflaged glasses.

10 Comments on “Hiding rabbit thinks I can’t see it.

  1. dude, my ‘first instinct’ was to ‘lock and load’ – sigh, sorry but the words ‘hasenfeffer’ with a nice lager came instantly to mind. dang and it’s definitely a great shot!

  2. Ha ha! It seems the image makes your mouth water, which wasn’t my intention. 😉 Thanks for your comment.

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