9 thoughts on “Cinnabar Caterpillar.

      • My garden grows as it wants to. I do nothing with it, just let the plants grow where they want and they decide whether to grow in my garden. I have ragwort, thistle, nettles, vetch, rosebay willowherb, coltsfoot, and many other growing in my garden. My neighbours have put a six ft high fence so they don’t have to see it as I don’t ‘tend’ it so to other people it just looks horrible but I have masses of wildlife in it – slow worms, common lizards, toads, many butterflies and moths (Cinnabar and Ringlet butterfly plus a couple I have yet to identify), plus loads of lady birds, crickets, snails and slugs – all are welcome! I am regularly visited by foxes and hedgehogs too…it is heaven to me 🙂


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