The end is nigh for the sugar silos.

29th June 2012: Walking through Hoo Wood this morning, I glanced across the marsh to see one of the redundant sugar silos with a large hole in its side. For forty years, these silos have dominated the skyline at the north end of the marsh; they are now being demolished.

The silos are 212 feet high and contained a total of 25000 tons of granulated sugar when the factory was in full production. Sugar beet processing took place annually, over a four-month period. The rest of the year was taken up with packaging of the granular sugar into 25 kilo bags, and the usual sized bags that we see in shops. Silver Spoon was the brand name.

The machine on the left, with the long orange boom, has a hydraulic nibbler attached used to bite through the concrete and reinforced steel silo wall. The silos were built using a continuous cement pouring technique.


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