Rabbits here, rabbits there, those darn rabbits are everywhere!

11th July 2012: With the vegetation being so high the most common animal to be seen on the marsh is a rabbit. Where there are rabbits, there are foxes, and I saw a fox at North Pond this evening.

If it wasn’t for swans, ducks, coots, insects and wild flowers, I wouldn’t see anything to photograph. There are landscapes, of course, but don’t find landscapes much fun.

If I keep my camera to my eye, I can walk really close to rabbits; they only run when they see my eyes. The same applies to foxes; as long as they can’t see my eyes, I am invisible to them. I have to be careful, though, that I don’t step into a rabbit hole or fall into brambles or stinging nettles.

21 thoughts on “Rabbits here, rabbits there, those darn rabbits are everywhere!

    • No, Vicky. I’m suggesting you can get closer to animals if you keep your camera to your eye. The camera breaks up the shape of your head and hides your eyes. A human head wearing sunglasses still looks like a human head to an animal. I sometimes use glasses with camouflaged lens, and these can help confuse an animal, but not for long. 🙂


  1. Adorable!! Great shots… It’s funny, in our area we have marsh rabbits (distinct species with quirky traits, to navigate the marsh and swamp) — I thought they’d be the same over there, but I guess they’re only found in the SE of the US.


  2. Cute pic, but it reminded me of the rabbit that jumped out at the last minute & hit the side of my car pretty hard. The poor thing, don’t know if it only stunned itself or died….I’m hoping the former 😦


    • Oh dear! I hope the rabbit was OK. Did it leave a dent in your car? I hope not. If it hit your car head first, I guess it would have floated up to heaven not knowing what was happening. The marsh fox would have made short work of him. I wonder if there have been any rabbits that have died of old age? 😉


      • Haha, didn’t leave a dent…but I was at a pretty good speed on an isolated road in the middle of New Brunswick…I looked in my mirror, it was on its side & it’s little back paws twitched..I felt so bad…I had hoped that it had lived. Didn’t see it on the way back, a few hours later; so either it hopped away on its own or something else took it away. There were alot of rabbits on the side of the road, just like the ones in your pics.


      • Look on the bright side: your rabbit incident probably resulted in an easy dinner for a deserving and hungry critter. I hope this alternative way of looking at it helps you feel better, Sharon. 🙂


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