Stormy day, again!

11th July 2012: We are not expecting summer this year. These images were shot within a 2 minute period.

12 Comments on “Stormy day, again!

  1. Are you having lots of rain too???? We are so jealous…we are so tired of the drought….too many blue skies, believe it or not..

    • Thankfully, those clouds were on their way out. The sun is out this morning and it is a lovely day – so far! 🙂

  2. It’s so interesting checking your blog everyday and see such interesting photos.
    It always makes me wish I was there.

  3. You are right, we are not having a summer as we should. Seasons are changing and these pictures you took were spot on for the weather we are having.

  4. We know the feeling. We are not quite so sympathetic to the rain sodden south as we might be because it is always like this up here.

  5. Oh how I wish you could send your “not summer” over here and I could send my endless blue skies over there and along the way they get all jumbled up so that you have a blue summer with occasional rain and I have a rain summer with occasional blue. I think that will solve everything!

    • I don’t want your continuously hot weather, thank you very much. I guess you must think that you would be doing me a favour, but it would reduce the marsh water levels. 🙂

      • No, not continuously hot. A mixture! You could dry out for a bit but still get rain. I would never wish continuously hot weather on a marsh!

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