Marsh Swans.

10th July 2012:

22 Comments on “Marsh Swans.

  1. This is absolutely my favorite of all of your images so far…it looks like a painting!

    • Hmm … you have raised the bar, Suzanne. If I am to improve on your favourite image, I might have to use my brain. I try to limit brain use as much as possible, it’s already short of processing capability; it’s an old model, and no longer compatible with modern upgrades.

      • Hahahahaha! My brain has been around awhile too…but I have a lot of fun messing with it and trying to make it do tricks it doesn’t want to do…You don’t fool me, I’ve seen so many of your beautiful images, you wouldn’t have to strain your brain even a teeny-tiny bit.

      • For me, photography exists only on the marsh, and I am rarely interested anywhere else. My photography interests being so narrow means my skills are limited.

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