View across the southern pool.

5th July 2012:

7 Comments on “View across the southern pool.

  1. Nice view of the pool with the reeds and water plants.
    I’m hoping that when the reeds & water plants grow around the new Wetlands project in the Botanic Gardens near my home, I will be able to get some more rustic natural looking photos like this – sometimes I get bored by the manicured landscaping near me and long for more natural looking scenery like your Marshlands.

    • Yes, Vicki, it’s nice to wander and photographs things in wilder environments.

  2. It is a lovely pool. The yellow flag iris stalks, long grass and sedges hide quite a few ducks, ducklings and coots. There are often a couple of herons wading here in the early mornings and evenings. The pool stretches deep into the wood, in the distance, in which the swans live.

    • The marsh is a beautiful, enchanting and full of biting insects at the moment. 🙂

      • I wondered about the biting insects. Water and mosquitoes go hand-in-hand. And I’m sure there are other biters. But it’s still a beautiful place.

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