Boss Cow. (No. 12)

3rd July 2012: This is ‘Boss Cow’: a methodical and focused grass muncher. She doesn’t pick at the vegetation; she mows it with a vengeance.

10 Comments on “Boss Cow. (No. 12)

  1. Boss cow: “And then I told Matilda not to eat the thistle, but did she listen? No! I told her to eat the Himalayan Balsam instead, because I know that’s what you want her to do. I’m trying, Mike, I really am but sometimes she just exasperates me! So when are you bringing me that hat you promised? Make sure it’s pink. Pink looks so good against my dark skin. I want the brim large enough to drape over one eye. Won’t Matilda be jealous! Oh, and make sure you take a photo of my good side. Yes. That’s it. Good job! So, I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow, right? I love these conversations we have.”

    And I love all three photos. I’m seeing where Boss cow and Matilda (and the calves) live.

    (P.S. I named Matilda. Find out if she likes it or not. If she doesn’t, ask her what her real name is and let me know. Thanks!)


    • Very good, Dezra. She is called 12 and is laughing at the cow joke I told her. Her calf laughed too, be I don’t think it fully appreciated the punch line. 😉


      • 12 is not a name! Unless you spell it Twelf, then I can accept it as a name. Kids! They laugh loudest at that which they don’t understand but think they should. (Or should I say calves!) Glad Twelf has a sense of humor.


      • The calf doesn’t have a name; it’s known by an identification number. This is very common where cattle are concerned. Bare in mind, it will be eaten at some point. 🙂


      • My cousin’s family raised cattle. Some were kept for their milk, but others were for eventual consumption. My cousin and I named every single one of the calves one summer. Granted, we couldn’t remember half the names later on, but it was a fun past time for a long, languid summer.


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