A few landscapes from around the south pool.

1st July 2012: I went down to the south end of the marsh to check on the cattle this evening. I’m not much interested in landscape photography, but it was such a pleasant evening that I felt compelled to record it. Obviously, the images don’t convey any of marsh sounds, nor the sweet meadow scents carried on a light warm breeze blowing through the grasses. The images probably account for fifty percent of my feel-good experience.

Sometimes it feels like the marsh can wrap itself around a person.

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  1. It looks like a lovely evening, and a very beautiful setting. I quite like taking landscapes, although I find them less interesting to look back through months / years later.

    • I find I am difficult to relate to landscapes unless they are really striking. I like snowscapes.

  2. Here’s my thoughts on landscapes. They create the context for the rest of the shots. It’s like a story. The landscape says, “this is the setting of the story.” Then you start to focus in on more specific areas. That’s like saying, “And now, chapter one.” Then you introduce your characters, which are the up-close photos. The more intimate you want to get with a character, the closer you go. Macros are very intimate photos. Occasionally you back out, go to chapter two, continue the story, get in close, back out again, provide more context (landscapes) or remind everyone of the context, and keep on going.

    I have always seen the swans up close. I didn’t know their habitat until now (I’m assuming this is their habitat). Now I can see the bigger picture where they swim. In my mind now, I can place them in a bigger context.

    And the cows now have a place that I can see. They aren’t just some portraits of beautiful creatures. I see where they live.

    I love your landscapes because they tell me about the Marsh on a grander scale. When you go back to tracking the foxes or photographing the flora and insects, I have an expanded view in my head of where this all takes place.


    • Dezra, I am going to print and laminate your comment and keep it in my rucksack. When I am next contemplating a landscape, I will re- read it. Thank you! I must try harder with landscape photography. 🙂

  3. Looks really lovely and warm. Nice day for a walk (says me who’s just woken up to another cold, rainy day on this side of the world).

  4. Mike,
    I often feel the same way; if only we could hear the insects and amphibians and birds, smell the scents, and feel the breezes that go along with the photos! The invention of photography and of sound recording were nearly miraculous. What will happen when we can integrate the smells with the sights and sounds? I am enjoying your photos of the marsh, perhaps especially so sitting here in the middle of the hot Oklahoma prairie :o)

  5. I love taking photographs of landscapes, especially when I went to photography classes. Every photo you take is telling a story .

    So, the photos you took was telling me that you was in the Marsh on a dry and sunny day.

    well done

  6. Dezra is right. The landscapes are necessary to put your other pictures in context. You have made a very good job of them for someone who doesn’t do landscapes.

  7. mike this is so valuable, something inside loves to see the setting, the landscape, now I have more of feeling for where your other wonderful images come from, where the creatures live, thank you!

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