Cut-leaved Crane’s-bill: Geranium dissectum.

25th June 2012:

16 Comments on “Cut-leaved Crane’s-bill: Geranium dissectum.

  1. I really love the greenery at the base of the top flower…AND the beautiful little centers of each flower…lovely 🙂


      • Do you spell it the archaic way there? Faerie. I actually like that better.

        Oh dear lord. I just realized. Fairy and glitter. A bit slow, I am.


      • No, Dezra, I spell fairy the same way as you. I wondered if you were referring to a winged meadow of river fairy. Perhaps you were thinking of a woodland fairy? 🙂


      • Well, river, of course! Now who’s the slow one? Glitter, dew drops, water. Of course I meant a winged river fairy.


      • I see! There aren’t any woodland fairies on Wilden Marsh, Dezra, only river and meadow species. 🙂


  2. I’ve been really enjoying the composition of your flower photography


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