Snail: I don’t yet know its name.

10th June 2012:


10 Comments on “Snail: I don’t yet know its name.

  1. Another beautiful macro. And yes, I like Robert too.
    This snail macro almost looks like a piece of Botannical Art – there’s something about the markings on the shell that turn it into a 2 dimensional work of art.

  2. Revisited this post and realize just how much I love the snail! I would frame this one. Or put it on my hat. First I’d train it to hold still, though. 🙂

    • You wouldn’t need to train the snail to stay still, Dezra, it does this naturally. A good addition for you hat, though. 🙂

  3. fantastic snail shot, and love the comments ….. i have been off sick/wounded so catching up now mike 🙂 personally i prefer something slippery like Sylvester …. or maybe i am thinking of the silvery trail ….

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