Insect-eating fox.

27th May 2012: I took this image of a marsh fox eating insects, earlier today. I had been to the heronry and was wearing my camouflaged kit. I watched the fox for around 20 minutes as it slowly worked a small area of the north pasture. I think it was eating buttercup flowers too, which is strange: they are poisonous. The fox was feeling the heat and lay-down a few times under shady trees, panting.

8 Comments on “Insect-eating fox.

  1. I feel for the fox. Today was hot here and required lots of water. I hope the fox is ok and not sick from the flowers.

    • I think the fox will be OK, Dezra. Perhaps butter cups are cure for a fox ailment: worms, perhaps.

  2. I was going to say the same thing about the flowers being possibly being a natural wormer.

    • the picture’s dazzling, by the way. so lush and vivid.

    • Thank you for your comments. Mellissa. The fox might well have been searching for a natural medicine.

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