27th May 2012: I was at the heronry by 7 am this morning. The sky was a flawless powder blue, it was warm, and I was fully camouflaged. The ground was just solid enough to support my weight. I headed for my preferred vantage spot, which was as close as it possible to get to the herons without wearing waders. I inched towards my chosen tree and slowly set up my camo-net. I was being really careful not to make any noises. It was all a waste of time. I had been spotted! They all flew away! It was two hours before I saw another heron.

After of standing in fetid mud for two and a half hours, these are the only usable images I was able to get before they flew away again. The focal length used was 1000 mm. Still, never mind! There will be another time!

9 thoughts on “Heronry.

  1. For all their focus, they’re surprisingly jumpy…. I always think it’s because I startle them out of their focus. I couldn’t help but smile (sorry) at your fetid-mud story + escaping herons too. They ARE flighty. 🙂


  2. Yes, “hours standing in fetid mud” does not sound very pleasant, but I do like your heron portraits. Thank you for your perseverance. How many Likes will it take to make the hours of fetid-mud standing worth it, I wonder? : ) ~ Lily


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