What? Me? You talkin’ to me?

22nd May 2012:  Today has been hot. I went to the marsh with my 7D and Sigma lens slung over my shoulder. I couldn’t face the heat with a rucksack full of equipment on my back. I didn’t have a plan. It’s not a good idea to go down the marsh without a plan. I inevitably end up walking about aimlessly, and this is exactly what I did.

At the back of my mind, I suppose, I was thinking that I might formulate a plan on the hoof; this Rarely works! Croosing Wilden Lane, I had an idea: I might try my luck with the badgers, but my heart wasn’t in it. I had changed my mind before I reached the setts. It was just too hot to be sitting about in the Himalayan balsam waiting for a badger to show. Anyway, I think the badgers have moved to their summer setts.

I went to North Pond instead; maybe I might get another owl image. There weren’t any owls in the North Pond trees, at least none that I could see. This is where I photographed the squirrel.

Two days of sun has certainly brought the flowers out, and I didn’t have my macro camera with me. I made a mental note of blooms I saw in the corridor to the tenant farmer’s field, but forgot them breturned arrived back home.

I nearly forgot! I was standing behind the north pasture fence along the river and saw an otter with a fish in its mouth trying to climb onto the bank. It saw me almost at the same time I saw it and immediately fell backwards into the water.

10 thoughts on “What? Me? You talkin’ to me?

  1. oh i know those sorts of days mike! for me the scrub wren sits at my shoulder, the sea eagle drifts overhead, and all impossible to record, c’est la vie ….. lovely squirrel 🙂


  2. I had that very same experience on Monday. Only it was in the city. I went looking for interesting architectural photos but because I didn’t know what I wanted, I came home with practically nothing, even though my camera said I took 18 photos (not very many when compared to the days I have a plan). I just wasn’t feeling it and pretty much wandered around. But, you made your day still sound interesting. Your squirrel is gorgeous. The lighting is beautiful


    • Thank you, Dezra. I like a good moaning session now and again. My mind and body needs to acclimatise the this hot weather we are having at the moment. I know what will happen: the weather will revert to cold and rain when I go on holiday. 😦


  3. The squirrel is lovely, perhaps its better if you didn’t take photos in really hot waether. Personally myself, I would take photos when its a dry day with a cool breeze in the air. Last week, I took photos in Bailey Park and it was a dry day, and it wasn’t hot. Just right for me.


    • I can’t not take photographs just because the weather is hot. What would I do with all the time I would have on my hands. The marsh isn’t the same without a camera in my hands. I would complain all the more if I was unable to use my camera in hot weather. You are suggesting the impossible, Sarah. 😉


  4. You get some really nice captures. So I’m wondering if you do most of your wildlife shots with the Sigma or have you used other lenses that compare to your Sigma 150 – 500mm? I have Canon’s 100x400mm and have been thinking about buying that same Sigma lens because it could get closer without getting closer and wouldn’t break my bank account either.


    • I use two lenses, Randy. I have more than two lenses, but I only use two on the marsh. The sigma 150 – 500mm and a canon EFS 60mm macro lens. The macro lens is permanently fitted to a canon 500D, which I use for plant and insect images. The Sigma is permanently fitted to a Canon 7D, and I use this setup animal images.


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