Bumble Bee falling from a comfrey flower.

19th May 2012: I took these shots through my 150 – 500mm lens.


16 Comments on “Bumble Bee falling from a comfrey flower.

  1. Wow! Good one MIke. That one was like threading a needle without your glasses. Nice Capture. What lens is that a Sigma?

      • Wish I would have got one of those instead of this Tamron

      • The Sigma 150 – 500 mm, or 240 – 800mm, fitted to my Canon 7D with its 1.6 crop factor, has proven itself ideal for my needs, Hutch. This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t appreciated better equipment.

      • Ya same here my choice it the Nikon 500mm f4 but at 6 thousand used I don’t think that is gonna happen for a while. I have a 200 500mm Tamron f6.3 at 500mm but I am not really happy with it and end up using my 80 200mm 2.8 most of the time.. And actually there about 3 newer versions of that one that are much faster and clearer.

  2. Why did I think bumblebees were in-fall-able? Why did I think the insect world is serious and all busy…as a bee? I bet that bee went home and said, “The most embarrassing thing happened to me today…AND IT WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA.”

    I love it!

  3. Wow ! Great capture, Mike.
    I looked at the Sigma 150-500nn in the camera store earlier this year. It felt very heavy?
    (love Dezra’s comment)

    • Yes it is a heavy unit, but I don’t find the weight a problem. I use two cameras and the Sigma does get in the way when I’m shooting macro. I try to get around the problem by using quick release mechanism so that I can easily and quickly detach the Sigma and 7D camera from carrying strap around my kneck.

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