Red, and white comfrey flowers.

16th May 2012:

11 Comments on “Red, and white comfrey flowers.

  1. You have been my introduction to this plant, and I’m fascinated. Certain aspects of their morphology make them seem almost predatory. They are really lovely–but I can’t look at the first one without thinking of a lizard spearing out its tongue to capture some small, unsuspecting prey. Beautiful portraits, Mike.


      • Ehrrrr. sooner or later.
        Am going into hospital for chest surgery next Thurs 25th and probably won’t be able to carry any weight or camera for a few weeks..
        Perhaps I will set my heavy duty tripod up inside beforehand and find something around my flat and/or little garden to shoot a macro in the following 2-3 weeks.
        Have been going to the zoo as much as possible to store up plenty of images for editing & uploading, but it would be nice to have a change from birds and animals.
        Bought a new bird feeder for my balcony ledge, but have had no ‘peckers’ yet – might hang it on the tree next to my window to try & lure some bird life close to home.
        I recently read somewhere or other about turning the image stabilization off when using a tripod ?
        Any thoughts on this?


      • Yes, Vicki, you must switch your image stabilisation OFF when using you camera on a tripod. I hope you get back on your feet quickly after your operation. Practising with your lens in your flat and garden is a very good idea. 🙂


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