Dark red Honesty.

17th May 2012: This is a new honesty plant growing in Hoo Wood, and the only one I have seen there with dark-red flowers. There was just one place in the wood where honesty grew. This plant must be around 750 meters from the main growing area. I wonder how this has happened and what is responsible for the darker colour?

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  1. That’s always exciting to find a new variety- go back in the autumn for the seed ! Sheila

    • This is easily to do; the honesty seed are nicely packaged. However, I will leave the seeds to nature. 🙂

  2. “There was just one place in the wood where honesty grew.” Sounds like the opening sentence of a great fantasy story where the world has fallen into dishonesty and the protagonists–against all odds–must reverse the chaos. Hmmm. 🙂

  3. Mike you sure do a great job of identifying all the flora and fauna you write about, I struggle with that sometimes, lots of cool things to photograph just what the hell are they…Lol

  4. The easy answer is that I see the same plants in Hoo Wood and on Wilden Marsh every year, Hutch. After a while, their names sink in. Initially, it takes a bit of investigation and getting the names wrong a few times. And let us not forget, there is no shame in getting a name wrong! I think it’s important that people to point out other’s mistakes; a person wouldn’t then have to go through life confusing a house martin was a swallow. 🙂

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