I wonder what this is? It’s a weevil!

15th May 2012:

16 Comments on “I wonder what this is? It’s a weevil!

  1. I don’t know what it is, but it certainly is a great macro shot, Mike.
    (It reminds me that I was going to shoot more macros this year and I haven’t got around to it yet – that macro lens will be gathering dust if I don’t use it).

  2. Mimela splendens beetle is a more forest green , looks close to same, but native to Japan. Or maybe a variation of click beetles.

  3. Hi Mike, looking at my book I would hazard a guess at Donacia semicuprea and according to my book found by waters edge, but other than that I have no idea.

      • My son has just googled that and it looks good, mind after a bottle and a half of wine so does the wife.

      • If your wife is capable of saying Phyllobius argentatus after drinking one an a half bottles of wine, that’s good enough for me, Dave.:)

  4. Mike having a look for my self that looks spot on, might be worth running it past the trust just to confirm it and have the record noted.

    • All in black for church is more likely than a disco, Fluffy; a disco would be far too noisy for this small insect. 😉

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