Fox Den Watching: 6th visit. Time to move on!

12th May 2012: Well, for someone who doesn’t like standing or sitting still for long periods, I have spent more than twenty hours sitting in a tree watching these fox cubs. It’s time for me to move on. We will meet again somewhere on the marsh over the next six months. During November or December the fox family unit will break down, and the parents will drive their cubs away, at least those that survive, to find their own territories before the start of the new mating season.

I have enjoyed spending time with these animals, especially since it has taken me two years to find the north marsh vixen’s den. I hope you have enjoyed the journey too!

I have been meaning to mention that this den is home to the vixen, her cubs and a sister from last year.

Now what’s next?

11 Comments on “Fox Den Watching: 6th visit. Time to move on!

  1. Stunning photos. I do not know much about this animal but I enjoy seeing them through your camera lens.

    • Hi Colline. Thanks for your comment. I am pleased that you like my fox images. 🙂

  2. Just amazing… Thanks so much for sharing your divine images, from all those hours of patient watching. I do hope you meet with them again!

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