Fox Den Watching: 5th visit.

11th May 2012: I’m obsessed with the fox cubs, so it was back up the tree for me this evening.

It was cool and windy and the sky was clear. The sun was shining, but it had a hard time finding its way down to the den.

I didn’t have long to wait before a cub popped its head aboveground, shortly followed by another. They had a bit of a romp and a look around: wondering where their parents were, I expect. They stayed out for a few minutes before rushing back into the den.

After I packed my camera away in my rucksack, I looked up and three cubs were sitting side by side watching me.

I was home before 8.45pm; we were having an Indian takeaway.

10 thoughts on “Fox Den Watching: 5th visit.

  1. What a great pastime Mike – wish I was up in that tree with you. I’m sure I’d be as enchanted by the fox cubs as you.


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