Fox Den Watching: 4th Visit.

10th May 2012: The weather app on my phone indicated clear sunny conditions for this evening, so I grabbed my gear and went foxing.

I climbed the tree at 6 pm and began rigging the camouflage netting, tree seat and camera lines. It was a warm with a slight breeze, but the weather didn’t really brighten up as much as I had hoped.

On a couple of occasions a cub showed its head above ground, but not for long. The parents didn’t deliver any kills. There was a sort of bonus: I was comfortable sitting in my tree. I had most of the necessary mod cons with me, including my iPod and a monopod to attach my camera to. The monopod was fixed in position with nylon cords, which meant I didn’t have to worry about my camera falling out of the tree. The RealTree netting allowed me to shift position and fiddle with my gear without worrying too much about being seen by the cubs, or their parents.

My meticulous preparations, compared with my previous visit, ensured that two and a half hours passed quietly and without interruption. Nothing noteworthy happened around the den. I didn’t see a badger, but a heron flew low over the tree canopy on its way to the heronry.  I stayed in the tree until it was almost dark, and then decided to go home for something to eat. I still had to take my dog out for his evening walk. I packed the camera in my rucksack, which was tied up the tree with me, and started to take down the netting. As I fiddled with the quick-release knots, a cub popped out from below ground. I quickly pulled the camera from my rucksack and fired off a few shots, but it was too dark, I gave up, continued packing my things away, and walked home. All in all, it was a pleasant and relaxing way to spend an evening; far healthier than sitting in front of the television eating doughnuts and drinking beer.

Taken this evening in the last of the evening’s light.

11 thoughts on “Fox Den Watching: 4th Visit.

  1. Your experience sounds like some of my bird efforts. You spend ages waiting around in the hope of seeing something special and then just as you’ve packed your camera away, it/they happens to appear.


      • A matter of taste, I have a preference for crisps and wine but the results are the same – it just doesn’t feel as good out there with a camera, even if it was freezin’ cold 😉


      • I said that it is healthier being in my tree than sitting at home eating doughnuts and drinking beer. This is not a matter of taste, it’s a fact. The fact that I can climb the tree should be proof enough.

        I writing this reply whilst sitting in my tree. The sun is shining on the den and the cubs have been out to play. 😉


  2. You want to be careful climbing up trees. I wouldn’t stay there for a few hours waiting for some action to happen. I would rather be home instead in the warm. Cosying up by the fire.


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