I am sure there is someone close by! Now where are they?

9th May 2012:This is what makes sitting up an uncomfortable tree, without a tree seat, worthwhile. It’s a good job I did this last night; it is pouring with rain this evening.

The light wasn’t brilliant yesterday evening, resulting in grainy images. What I would really like to do is repeat the process with good strong sunlight steaming through the tree canopy: perhaps on Saturday. I would also like to get a few full frame face images.

They’re not down there!

They’re not up there!

They’re not up there either!

They are not over there!

Wait a minute! What’s that over there?

14 Comments on “I am sure there is someone close by! Now where are they?

  1. Lovely photos again Mike, well worth your efforts in the tree! I find it amazing how different a fox’s senses can be sometimes – I can be standing there in the middle of surveying when a fox sometimes appears within 10 meters or so, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that I’m there, whereas at other times I can smell them but otherwise there’s no clue that they have been close to me – they obviously know someone’s there and taken care to avoid me. Is their sense of smell the most important sense to them?

    • Thanks, Dom.

      There is little doubt that foxes have excellent eye sight and hearing, and a particularly good sense of smell. When all three senses are used together, the fox rarely has to worry about humans. They are very aware of the sights, sounds and smells of the marsh, and what does and doesn’t present a threat.

      Foxes can get very engrossed when hunting, particularly when hunting food for their cubs. They can appear to ignore relatively quiet sounds, and they tend not to be looking around all the time, either. With their head is down, maybe they are hunting moles, it is not difficult to creep closer to them in camouflage. If they catch your scent, though, they are off in a flash. I have stood camouflaged in the middle of the north pasture and foxes have walked within a few metres of me. I have given myself away during such close encounters, by moving at the wrong time. My loud camera shutter mechanism doesn’t phase them.

      I try to wear the same clothes when I am out on the marsh, and I very rarely wash them: I smell of the marsh.;)

  2. Lovely capture of the fox.
    What a clever idea to wear the same clothes without washing them. Not surprising that you can get so close
    I admit to usually wearing black. Not sure, but I think the birds mistake me for a tree. Especially as I move so slowly and quietly in my rubber soled walking shoes. LOL

    • Thanks, Vicki. Yes, I don’t think I would be able to get very close to the animals, smelling of Persil or my favourite after-shave. Mind you, BO is an even more potent hiding position giveaway. 🙂

    • They have a lot to learn, if they are to survive. They will need to learn quickly, too.

  3. They are truly adorable. The foxies. The baby foxies are truly adorable. And don’t make fun of my baby talk. I love the second one the most.

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