Canada Geese.

7th May 2012:

My original image before being tweaked by Gary at:

This image has been tweaked by Gary at:


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  1. Nice capture Mike. ‘Birds in flight’ is one subject that I find very hard to capture in a photo. I’m too slow. I love the Canada geese you and another photographer I know in Salt Lake City photograph – they remind me of a lovely British film I’ve got called Seal Morning. I must have watched that movie dozens of times.

    • Thanks, Vicki. These were an ‘over my right shoulder’ shot. I was photographing something else and just managed to get them in the frame.

  2. Fantastic shots Mike! I love the contrast between the blurry wings and detailed body.

    • Thanks, Dom.

      At the moment I am up a tree looking down on the fox den. I have seen a cub and one of the parents with a kill in its mouth. It won’t come to the den; it suspects that I am close.

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