Snail-Eating Slug.

30th April 2012:

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  1. I’ve never heard of snail-eating slugs before. Do you know if that slug eats anything in a vegie patch. If not, I assume those creepy looking black slugs could be a good thing to have at home when snails get into your garden.
    A couple of snails ate all my marjoram a few weeks ago. It was a young plant just coming along nicely.

  2. From the broken snail shell, I suspect that a bird did the snail in, and that the slug is just investigating or at worst scavenging. I don’t think they’re normally either predatory or carniverous. But then again, I’m not a slugologist…

  3. I thought it was a snail eating a slug and was having a difficult time understanding the photo. But a snail-eating slug makes much more sense!!!

      • A snail eating a slug vs a snail-eating slug? One is where the snail does the eating, the other is where the slug does the eating.

      • it is a snail-eating slug. I see the potential for confusion. However, it is not a snail-eating slug! It is a mourning slug and the snail was its particular friend. The fun one can have with these posts. It’s no wonder I miss all the best television programs.

      • Death of the snail. The slug wears black leather like thugs do, not to mention the two species compete for juicy cabbage so the MO is quite clear 🙂

      • Indeed! You’ve nailed the slug good and proper, Fluffy. 🙂

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