House Martins.

29th April 2012: I did manage to get a couple of flying house martin images, yesterday. House martins are very quick and agile performers, and to see so many in one place and to watch their acrobatics was an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss, no matter how awful the weather was. It just goes to show that productive days can be had, no matter what the conditions.

I don’t have is an image to show just how dense the house martin flock was, nor an image showing how they centered around me. You will have to take my word that it was a wondrous experience.

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  1. I will definitely take your word (that it was a wondrous experience), as I have had some memorable bird experiences myself.
    In fact, probably any Nature Lover will have had some. We live in an amazing world and you and I are so lucky to enjoy these bird and animal encounters so close to home.

  2. I can relate to that 🙂 Chasing after bees in a lavendar bush doesn’t often result in photos to show but it’s always time well spent!

  3. Hi Mike sorry but I think they are house martins,swallows have longer tail feathers and a touch of red on the throat, either way still a great feeling to be in the middle of them, just wondering if they centre on you because you are disturbing insects as you move through the marsh. As always great stuff keep it coming.

    • Thanks, Dave. It was so windy and wet on the marsh, yesterday, particularly at the southern end, that I am surprised there were any insects for the house martins to catch. The house martins were everywhere, up high and almost at ground level, maybe the insects were caught in a vortex, because I didn’t see any house martins anywhere else on the marsh.

      I thought they were swallows because of the large amount of iridescent blue on their backs.

      • Something about nature that makes us go out when the weather is awful, I spent a great couple of hours at the Knapp yesterday afternoon with the bat group helping with a survey,pipistrelles and a couple of barbastelles plus we had a crash course on wild flowers from Fergus.

      • This is true, Dave. It sounds like you had an enjoyable and useful day out experiencing nature. 🙂

  4. I’ve experienced a murder of crows before. Exciting! Granted I was indoors, but I was surrounded by picture windows and could see them flocking and darting all around. It was still exciting. I think had I been outside it would have been frightening because of how many thousands there were. I understand how wondrous it must have felt to actually be in the midst of them.

    • It can be a bit disconcerting when a lot of birds are engaged in acrobatics around you. It’s OK though, as long as none of them collide with you or get caught in your hair. 🙂

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