Who’s been eating my missus’ eggs? Is it you mister?

22nd April 2012: No, not I! I don’t eat duck eggs: not-guilty mate! And don’t look at me so accusingly … I didn’t do it! It wasn’t me … honest!

It could have been that dead weasel I found yesterday; he would have been partial to a duck egg or two. A fox could be the culprit, too. In fact, there is a whole host of likely suspects living on the marsh. Nothing edible is safe on the marsh these days, matey. The dead weasel was resting quietly on the new green grass of the south marsh yesterday evening: no sign of it today! Weasel has ended up in an animal’s stomach too, just like your missus’ eggs. It’s a hard world that we struggle to live in, and none are more devious and heartless than the marsh predators. If it wasn’t for our canny predators, Wilden Marsh would be overrun with all sorts of critters. A natural balance is important.

If you want my advice, my little green headed beaky friend, your missus will have to be more careful where she lays her eggs in the future.

There are quite a lot of empty duck egg shells littering the south marsh. Egg shells, but no ducklings.

Have you been eating my missus' eggs?

12 Comments on “Who’s been eating my missus’ eggs? Is it you mister?

    • I don’t think you would want to be a missus duck at any time, Dezra. You would be to far down the food chain for comfort.


  1. I found at least 2 broken duck egg shells in the northern part of the lagoons field too Mike, although it was quite a way from the water so I was a bit surprised to see them there. Dom


    • Did you find them in the lagoon field, Dom? There’s a mink that lurks around the North Pond. I haven’t seen much duck activity on the pond, but I there has been quite a bit of activity in the ponds within the withy wood.


      • Sorry, Dom. I didn’t read your comment properly. When you say ‘north’ do you mean close to Hoo Brook?


      • Yes they were just lying on the cropped grassland in front of the hedgerow that runs alongside Wilden Lane, just north of the withy woods and just down the path from that like of dumped rubbish! I have seen mallards flying in and out of the pools within the withy wood but I thought they’d nest a little closer to water, unless a predator took them away like you suggested. Dom


      • I meant ‘load’ of rubbish not ‘like’ – silly predictive text!


      • I’ve seen ferrets on the west side of the rubbish pile. There really are many marsh animals that like a duck egg.


  2. Love the image of the broken egg. Never would have thought of this as a photo subject. Very creative.


  3. Just checked on the bluebird eggs and all five are gone…. in someone’s stomach I’m sure. Made me grateful I’m higher on the food chain than the egg layers.


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