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  1. I see it’s banded. There was a story here in the US last week about a man who tended swans inside a local gated community. The swans were placed in a pond to discourage geese. The swans attacked the caretaker while in his Kayak, flipping him over and continued to attack him preventing him from flipping his kayak upright. Odd thing, we humans can’t breathe water.

  2. All our swan belong to our Queen. I prefer to breath fresh air and leave breathing water to the fish. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. Stunning photos. You’ve captured excellent detail in their feathers. I love the reflection in the water in the first image. What time of day were these photos taken, Mike ?

  4. These are lovely images..but they do get aggressive…we had some “mute” swans try to drown a child in our part of the country two years ago.

  5. They’re OK as long as you don’t try to stroke them, or approach their nest. Most animals will try to protect themselves or their offspring if they feel threatened. The problem is that children don’t recognise the swan’s warning signs. Swans should always be given plenty of space, particularly if they are out of the water.

  6. Lovely photos of the swan. I tend to keep my distance from them since I know nothing about them. I’ll enjoy your photos of them since I won’t get close enough to photograph them myself. Not sure I can deal with the flapping wings.

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