Wide open broom flower.

20th April 2012: I have shown a broom bud image, a partly open broom flower image, and now a fully-open broom flower image. This only leaves a dead broom flower image to get, and I will have a complete set. Is this obsessive or what?

Just in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t collect train numbers as a young lad.


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      • No, I had minimal interest in trains. I didn’t collect stamps, or anything else.that I can recall. I am not obsessive about collecting thing. I don’t like throwing things away, so I have to be careful what I buy.:)

  1. Gorgeous image (& flower).
    I thought I was obsessive about trying to get the perfect shot of a flower (but I don’t think I’ve gone as far as shooting bud, opening flower, fully open & dead bloom……………yet ! Big Grin).

  2. a penchant for perfection i would say, think i suffer from the same thing “but i have not go it looking that way yet” ….hehe, christine

  3. Practice makes perfect, Christine, at least that is what I heard. I think you posts are lovely.:)

  4. You can collect train numbers? Now that’s something new to me! Love this fully blossomed broom flower and looking forward to it’s next step in the cycle.

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