Marsh Violet.

20th April 2012:This is a marsh violet; a dog-eared marsh violet, but still a marsh violet. I should have taken more care and picked a pristine example. No, I take that back! This blog is about what I see with my right eye, so this violet is ok.

(Click image to enlarge)

8 Comments on “Marsh Violet.

  1. Love the crisp detail in the centre of the violet. Nice colour too.


    • This blog is packed with so much useless information, Fluffy,and because it is capable of finding its way into every nook and cranny throughout the world, it always seems to link-up with someone to appreciates it. The wonders of modern information technology! 🙂


      • You meant “useful” didn’t you? Anyway, you are doing a great job running the blog and bringing in all these stunning macro shots. I love them!


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