Sulphur Tuft Fungi

16th April 2012: I’m not very good on fungi, but I would say that these are the poisonous Sulphur Tuft Fungi. If anyone recognises them by another name, please let me know.

Don’t try eating these, they will upset your tummies; they are very bitter, anyway.

6 Comments on “Sulphur Tuft Fungi

  1. “The taste is very bitter, though not bitter when cooked, but still poisonous.” from wiki. Huh ? AKA clustered woodlover. These tops in pic look flat or concave. Seen variety dome shaped but white color.


  2. I always let fungi be fungi on the ground. I most assuredly would eat the wrong variety otherwise. I love them, nevertheless. They are fairy playgrounds. 🙂


  3. Yes, leave fungi alone. If you really know your fungi, eat till your hearts content. However, if you make a mistake….


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