Munjac Deer.

14th April 2012: I have hoped to get a glimpse of the swam muntjac deer for a while now. I see their fresh tracks every time I am on the marsh. They can walk on last year’s brittle Himalayan balsam stalks without making a noise. They are very difficult to see, unless stumbled upon.

I set up a remote camera on Friday evening, at a point where two tracks crossed, in an attempt to see which animals used them. I expected images of a fox or a badger, but got an image of a muntjac deer.

When on my way home yesterday evening, I stumbled upon a couple of munjac deer walking along the water pipes. I know these are not  good images, but beggars can’t be choosers!

5 Comments on “Munjac Deer.

  1. Fascinating (adorable) critters! And I thought our deer (incl. the key deer) were tiny…

    • Thank you. If you think the adult muntjac deer are adorable, you should see their fawns. 🙂

  2. Not that I would ever pressure someone to perform, but munjac (muntjac) fawn pictures would be nice. I guess I should google this to learn more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ditto Randy’s request. I must admit, for all the unique indigenous animals in Australia, I really enjoy seeing the wild animals in other countries. Those muntjac deer really do look cute.
    I can also appreciate how hard it is to photograph some of these animals.

  4. yes ditto here too … it is wonderful to see your wild animals in Wilden Marsh … so different from our kangaroos and wallabies …

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