At Last! I have found the north marsh vixen’s den.

15th March 2012:  This evening I visited the badger sett I suspected for so long of being used by the north marsh vixen as a den, but there were no signs of a fox there. I heard a noise to my right and went off to investigate. Fifteen metres away from the badger’s sett, was the vixen’s real den. It was obviously a fox’s den; there were remains of previous meals all around the hole: a rabbit’s head, a dead mouse and a pigeon’s head and feathers. After all my searching, the vixen’s den is only fifteen meters from the badger’s sett I had spent so much time watching for signs of a fox. At least, my instincts were reasonably accurate.

The vixen will be allowing the cubs above ground now, so there is a chance that I will get a few photographs of the cubs, shortly.

Vixen I photographed close to her den.

Dead mouse.

Rabbit head.

Secondary entrance to the den.

27 Comments on “At Last! I have found the north marsh vixen’s den.

  1. OH, OH, OH!!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next…and by the way,,you completely “reeled me in” with you other post about sticking your hand down the I was reading I was thinking…now wait a minute…;he’s too smart for that..and then, SURPRISE! You fooled me, hahaha!

    • Thanks. I was once a fisherman. I was good at reeling fish in, and now I have moved on to people. 😉

      • Well,with this person you used just the right bait. But I know what you mean about the animals..The squirrels and blue jays know I’m around even when I think they couldn’t possibly. I took a photo of a blue jay two days ago and if it is any good I’ll post it..the blue jay was literally ‘HOPPING’ mad..I hope my shot caught it while it was hopping ‘UP’.

      • here’s hoping! Can’t wait to see the foxes,,love the one you posted.

    • Thanks. Neither can I. I am so glad that my initial instincts were within fifteen meters of being correct..

  2. Beautiful photo of the fox. Good luck with the kits.

  3. WOW…. Gorgeous image of that fox (one of my favorite critters, if possible) — can’t wait till you get the shots of the cubs!!

    • Thanks. Well, the cubs are definitely in the den. It’s just a matter of them catching them playing outside. I will start tomorrow. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Tom.

      She could be thinking: ‘What’s kind of bush is that over there?’ She is not thinking: ‘Is that a person over there?’ More importantly, she is not thinking: ‘There’s a human over there! I had better get out of here fast.’

  4. great work mike, at last you have the den, and so much to see …. soon the kits …how exciting! i like the overview of the marsh above too 🙂

  5. Thank you. I am sure there will be a lot of excitement for me on the marsh over the next four to five months. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Mike on the wonderful discovery. Looking forward to the young one’s photos…I also hope you are not discovered (by vixen) in that u’ve already discovered her den. I don’t know if she would migrate then. some birds/animals do so…

    • Thanks, Abu. I will try very hard not to disturb the vixen. I will be photographing her and her cubs from behind a high bush lined bank, quite a distance away from the den.:)

  7. She’s a beauty. I’m excited that you found her den and that you will now be able to hone in on the little ones. That will be delightful, I’m sure.

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