Otter spraint.

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14th April 2012: A few people have asked me lately, what otter spraint looks like. Well, this is what otter spraint looks like. If you are not sure, break the spraint up in the palm of your hand. If it smells sweet, perhaps a like lavender, it is otter spraint. If it smells awful, it is mink spraint.

Otter spraint.

13 Comments on “Otter spraint.

  1. Is this what I think it is ? Well the stuff the congress has been hurling at us for decades ain’t spraint naw any nuther Fancy Dan words. It’s plain Bull _______.


    • Maybe a faint aroma of lavender. It depends on how well you grind it up in the palm of your hand to allow the air to get to it. 🙂


  2. So………………are rubber gloves also in your rucksack? (to test different kinds of spraint) – asks Victoria with a big cheesy grin…………….


    • I do carry rubber gloves, but I rarely use them. I wash my hands when I get home: usually before I eat my dinner. 🙂


  3. Good to know. Next time I come across something like this, I’ll just pick it up, crush it between my fingers, smell it, determine it’s most likely skunk since we don’t have otters or mink running around the streets in Indianapolis, go home, wash my hands, and eat dinner.


  4. A fish scientist from the EA has identified the half eaten fish as a Pike as suspected


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