Very tasty grass.

11th April 2012:


5 Comments on “Very tasty grass.

  1. I have two photos of swans; one is taken safely from across a long stretch of grass and the other is taken from inside my car. I kinda like the one from the car because the swan was wandering around with a gaggle of geese in a cemetery. Unfortunately, both photos do not do the swans justice. I love that you can get right up in their faces, that they pose for you then come back and question whether you got the shot, that they feel comfortable eating in front of you. This one looks like he/she’s keeping an eye on you while he/she nibbles on the grass.

    • That’s because the swans are my friends, Dezra. They don’t see me as a threat. The evening I took that photograph, I was standing on the river band with half a dozen Shetland calves, who were also very interested in what the swans were doing. 🙂

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