What the otter had for dinner.

5th April 2012: It was a Wilden Marsh workday today, and this was found on the riverbank, by Mike Averill, the Worcestershire Dragonfly Recorder. After much discussion and consultation, we decided that the unfortunate fish was a pike, but we were not absolutely sure. Is it, a pike or a salmon? Someone will confirm, either way, in due course.

Having now looked at the photographs, I think it is a pike.

The fish was quite smelly, so it had been on the bank for a while.

I know these images are a little gory, but this is what happens in nature.

I would have liked to have seen the otter grapple with this carnivore. At a guess, I would estimate the pike’s length at around 600mm (2 feet).

12 Comments on “What the otter had for dinner.

  1. I would just like to confirm that the fish in question is indeed a pike.

  2. I wonder if the Otter will return for the remains of the fish Mike?

  3. Looks like a pike to me too. I’ve only seen them in the British series Pie in the Sky (of which I have the full 30 episodes on DVD). It’s amazing what I have learnt from that British series (mainly cooking).

  4. Leave it where it is. There is always some animal that will appreciate a free meal. If the carcass is too rancid for most, then the rats will eat it.

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