Swans, again!

5th April 2012: On the way home from the workday, the swans were in their now usual place on the River Stour.

Mallards, moorhens, kingfishers, coots, herons, most other smaller birds, and the cormorants, all fly away when they realise I am watching them from the riverbank. The swans, though, don’t flinch. The swan in the second image went through the motions of pretending to take off, only to settle gently on the river again. It turned and swam back downstream, stopped directly opposite me, turned to look me straight in the eye as if to say: What do you think of that, that then?

Gary of Krikirtarts has taken my original rather dull flying swan image and breathed life into it. The third image is my original image, and the second is Gary’s reworked image. http://krikitarts.wordpress.com/

Reworked image by Gary of Krikirtarts.  http://krikitarts.wordpress.com/

Reworked image by Gary of Krikirtarts. http://krikitarts.wordpress.com/

10 Comments on “Swans, again!

  1. Love the swan photos Mike.(especiallly that last one where it seems to be looking straight at you. The more I watch birds, the more I am convinced that if we could read their minds and the birds could read our minds, we could have quite a conversation.

    (I am looking forward to catching up with all your recent posts which I’ve missed while my computer has been ‘down’. I can see you’ve got lots of photos to share)..

  2. “Here’s me being stately,” Swan says. Then, “Action!!!” Swan returns and looks at you. “Did you get that or do I have to do it again?”

    That swan knows.

    Love the photos!

  3. Thanks very much for the chance to work with one of your originals, Mike, and for the credit & link. It was great fun to play with soneone else’s work for a change!

  4. You’re welcome, Gary. If you see any of my images you would like to work on, please let me know.

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