Sedge Warbler.

4th April 2012: This is a Sedge Warbler,  photographed in the North Pond reeds.

Sedge Warbler.

11 Comments on “Sedge Warbler.

  1. Mike I think its a Sedge Warbler, light stripe above the eye.

  2. Yes, a Sedge Warbler, with the distinct brow. Also very common to see pics like this with n orange re mouth. Ann

  3. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing my first of the year Sedge Warbler Mike! That is a lovely image you have taken.

  4. Nice shot – catching the bird with it’s mouth open is so clear (despite the water reeds between the bird and your camera lens). I rather like that golden blurred glow of the reeds. It makes the images all the more interesting.

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