3rd April, 2012:  Hoo Wood this morning.

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  1. Can I tell you my dandelion story? Years and years ago when my oldest son was about 5 or 6 years old, we walked down the street and saw a yard covered in dandelions. You couldn’t see the lawn for all the golden dandelion blossoms. I wrinkled my nose because I immediately saw all the white seeds drifting across to my lawn and taking over. I said to my son rather incredulously, “Look at that!” He looked. And he said, “Oh, wow! They are so beautiful!” I was startled because I obviously saw a weed. But he saw them for what they were in the moment, beautiful. And you know what? They didn’t affect my lawn one bit. So, that’s my dandelion story.

    I love how perfectly round your seeded bloom is.

  2. an explosion of life … could be a supernova! such an excellent photo … i am having trouble with my macro setting, just had to delete some i tried this afternoon, so i need practice 🙂

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